A few things that make differences.

 Pay attention to your ideas, write those down don’t ignore them. Set a time to go over your thoughts and the things you have written down. Could be plans, could be just a random thought but write it down.

Take some time to consider what you want to do and then take action on what you think you need to do with the idea. So many people think to much and do to little. Not a mind-blowing effort, not perfection, just do something.

Control your mindset, I have talked about this before, but you really need to start doing this. You need to find a way to put yourself in a good place before you get started every day and recognize the things that can jeopardize an excellent mindset and guard against certain things. Those situations with people that anger you or those things that put you in a bad mood. Sometimes you can avoid the situations other times you have to start to look at situations differently. I’ve started looking things more logical lately and realizing I can only do what I can do, and then sometimes I have to separate myself from the situations.
Talking for a moment about what makes your day. You know the only person that can tell you that you. You have to not only know what you need to do but do it every day.

I want to talk to you about intentional thoughts that are positive. We cannot always control our thoughts in our minds. So here is what we can do. Start to think about the thoughts that make you creative and great.
If you’re going through something tough, what can you think that will make you more productive? I can do it; I’m a survivor. I will make the best of this. I’m getting better every day. Practice thinking the thoughts you need to think to make you the best you possible. I’m learning!

When it gets tough, Stop and think this is an opportunity!! Most of the time, we are too emotional and miss the logical opportunity. You have to start thinking when it is hard is there something to learn. Where is the opportunity? Ask yourself what can I learn, what next level when I learn this is this going to put me on?

Stop caring about certain things that could drive you crazy. Do what you need to do and then separate your emotions from it and forget it. How do you do that? Say a prayer and logically think about what the best thing to do is. Stop thinking about doing something different. Emotions can cause normally smart people to do something stupid. Emotions sometimes are not smart.

Sometimes we need to ask our self do we need to think about this logically or emotionally.

Here is another point I want you to realize. You have a choice. I’m not telling you to quit, move, change, but I am saying you have a different choice. What do you want? I think it important to be around good people and good information. Watch the negative people they generally are negative for a reason. It doesn’t mean you don’t care; it means you have to be careful what people are speaking in your life.

Make a plan and start getting consistent with your work. With your personal life. Meaning find what works and keep going with that. If you want good results keep putting action in. Find out what you want and start putting effort into it. Here is the thing keep putting effort in. It is consistent action that gets consistent results. When you get results, you can adapt a plan, but if you don’t take action, you get nothing sometimes.

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