Action is necessary!

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Action is what it takes, it is not thought, but first, you need to determine what you want. Next, you need to find out what you need to do, and then you need to put the action in. 
Identify and Overcome
First, Identify what you want.
Next, you Overcome obstacles.
I want to talk to you about a new morning routine. 
  • One wake up, next grab a notepad, pencil and or pen, take about five deep breaths sitting or reclining back in a chair. I also use this time to write down random thoughts, not just what comes next.
  • Next, take a few minutes or longer, thinking back to a point you were great. You felt empowered and significant. Imagine who you were, how you felt, how you were. Do this while taking deeper breaths than you usually would. 
  • Stop, now I want you to write down what you are working on Today. It could be tasks at work or things before work or both.
  • I want you to write down what you should do Today beyond regular. For instance, like extra study in an area, or walking five miles after work, or not drinking sodas for the day. Those things one or many that you need to do. I want you to think about them and set a goal to do them Today. It could be something else like how to deal with some difficult people in your life or how you will control your thoughts Today and what you’re going to do to make sure your mindset is strong and energetic Today. 
  • Note: Be sure to write times down on the tasks you want to do a time to start and how long you think it will take. Now take just a moment to imagine yourself doing everything right Today. Imagine yourself dealing with difficult people and difficult situations how you are handling it correctly. See how you’re handling it and how it feels. You might want to take some more deep breaths or not. 
Try this to see if it will make your days better. I think it will help you start your day out better. Your mentality and how you think about things consistently make a huge difference in your success. I think it is even more critical than exceptional skill.
Often dreams require real work. Change your mentality, stop thinking it is going to be easy. It probably want be this is your new normal. If you want to accomplish what you want. 
Please identify what you want, what it takes to get there and put the work in. Your brain and body will fight you, and when they do say this is my new normal. Stop complaining; no one is coming to your rescue get up and do it for yourself. 
Stop thinking I want it easy when you suffer it is showing you what you need to work on. Use the energy and shift your thinking; this is my new normal. If it is hard, instead of this is hard think this is making me better if I will use what I have learned. How can I do this better? What can I learn from this experience? Most people run away and avoid if you start working harder, and using this to be stronger, it will probably give you the edge. 
Look, you can get weaker, or you can get wiser. What is this pain teaching you? Stop complaining; it is a waste of time. Deal with what you need to do. Conserve your energy don’t waste it complaining. 
Dealing with people is mostly the same find out what you need to do and don’t complain. Find out how you need to deal with the person you’re talking to or dealing with regularly and do what the right thing is. It takes some time to get to know who is who and how to deal with certain people, but once you do don’t be ignorant, why should you have to learn the lesson twice. I’m not saying close the door on people but at some point people have to show you they are serious. If your in a situation where someone keeps using you, what is going to change if you don’t change the situation?
Find out how to thrive with the people you are around and in situations.
That is the question I have for you how can you thrive in the situation you are in now and thrive with the people you are around? 
I have heard it said that someone could take your hand and win with it. How could they do that? Maybe it is time to think about some things different. What are some things you may need to think about differently?
What is your ideal look like? Are you willing to put the work in? Sometimes the answer is no!
Sometimes survival means you got to get tough and use what others are throwing at you as energy to be better and do that much more to be better because of all the stuff that is being throwed at you. Be a pressure player; look for how you can rise above the right way and use the energy to take the right action and thrive. 

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