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Louise Hay

Says be calm when things get hectic, stay calm and say all is well, everything is working out for my highest good. Only good will come out of this situation. Then she says I am safe. Wow, I think that is powerful.

I am a Christain, and I think it is good to pray this and then say this in your life. I think this is really a powerful concept, especially with prayer.

  • Start focusing on how you deal with people, situations, and problems. A lot of times, the situations will correct themselves if we deal with them right.¬†

  • With marriage problems, raising children, boss problems, employee problems, money problems, how can you deal better with these issues? What can you do differently in your attitude, your approach, and your actions?

  • Stay calm, be logical, recenter yourself, and return to good by going back to the basics. When life gets out of control, go back to the basics of what you know is right. My friend, who is now passed, used to tell me, don’t get too excited just relax and stay calm.

If I’m talking to someone, and it can be misunderstood really easy I try to go back to the basics and talk. If I don’t understand, I may say let me show you where I’m stuck on this.

Sometimes we are trying to guide people into our understanding our way, and we don’t stop to listen where they are having trouble. We just assume we know best in explaining it to them. Go back to the basics and then work your way back up. When someone goes past where you need to know stop them and say wait. To get what you want often, you have to speak up and be bold.

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