Being honest with people. msg3

Being honest with everyone is hard sometimes. Because you may be afraid, it will hurt their feelings. What I’m talking about more than that is when you need to address a situation. Sometimes the best thing to do is confront a person calmly and tell them what you think without emotions. 


  1. Tell them what you have on your mind without all the words. Get straight to the point
  2. You may even address some concerns that you think they may have.
  3. Then tell them what you think would resolve this problem
  4. Show respect where you should.
  5. Here people’s concerns and listen. Keep things logical. When people are trying to wallow, it is sometimes time to get real and look at reality. Start getting back to the facts, not just emotions but stuff that is logical too. 
  6. With the people, you care about try your best to come from a place out of love. 
  7. Try to get straight to the point and then listen.

Sometimes when you let people go, things don’t get better; the people generally get worse. You have to know what matters and what doesn’t. If something needs to be addressed sometimes it better not to put it off.

Here is another thing to consider people have there on ways. You have to accept certain people where they are at if you are going to be there with them and support them. You have to look at it as sometimes this is how they do things. I think one of the main things to realize is that when you think you need to confront someone about something, make sure it is something that needs to be done.


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