Continual Progress Program

These are success principals that you can focus on every day, which may be about success habits, leadership, taking action, strategy, or more subjects.

Ideas-Gather-Decide-Commit-Action msg 19

Ideas-Gather-Decide-Commit-Action Ideas-Gather-Decide-Commit-Action Ideas = First, you need some ideas on what you might like. That involves at a basic level just getting exposed. Gather = Gather information on it. Decide = If it is right, if not, start over look at another idea. Commit = Make a decision; this is what you’re doing. Action = Take action on what your new plan is and if you don’t have one make… Read More »Ideas-Gather-Decide-Commit-Action msg 19

Starting when it is not perfect and learn. msg 20

Starting when it is not perfect and learn. Next, learn from your failures. Increase your experience. How can you buy that? It comes from successes. It comes from failures. Sometimes you cannot buy into success.  What you could say most of the time is it comes from doing. So you need to do more things you want to do. If you’re happy were your at, I hear yeah, but what… Read More »Starting when it is not perfect and learn. msg 20

Try to recognize mental turmoil. msg 11

Their may be something that is bothering you can you recognize it? Sometimes we may never speak something that is bothering us. Does that mean it does not bother us? Start to recognize the patterns you have. That is, if something keeps coming back up, it may be something you need to ask why is this happening? Some people say they are not worried about something, but it keeps coming… Read More »Try to recognize mental turmoil. msg 11