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Rabid Fire Point 8/20/20

This is Jeff from the Entrefied Podcast. Entrefied means entering into your success! We look for points that add value to our listeners. We talk about mindset, leadership, habits and more. We also interview guests, if you would like to be on the show go to our website entrefied.com to find out more.  Before we get started, I want you to listen for those questions you can answer on each… Read More »Rabid Fire Point 8/20/20

Learn and grow stronger

It is a great day because I get to work through my problems. I get to face them, write them down, reconstruct them into something better. Maybe not perfect, but something better.   I don’t have to think like everyone else. Face what you need to do head-on. Try to become better to rise above where you’re at. Use the pressure; don’t let the pressure use you.   I get… Read More »Learn and grow stronger

Doing Business With Friends And Family

This is an Entrefied podcast. Entrefied means entering into your success. We look for information and habits that make you better personally and professionally. We also have interview guests.  Here is some of the point for Todays Podcast. This is a complicated thing doing business with friends and family. I use to would try to avoid it. I remember running a computer shop; I tried to be nice to everyone.… Read More »Doing Business With Friends And Family

Effective Communications

I want to talk about several points that may help you with communicating with other people. Don’t feel like you got to rush the conversation. Take your time speaking with people. I try to have pause moments with people when I’m speaking with them When someone is talking over you, it pays to know there style. Some people may come off as rude, and they may be, but it is… Read More »Effective Communications

A few things that make differences.

 Pay attention to your ideas, write those down don’t ignore them. Set a time to go over your thoughts and the things you have written down. Could be plans, could be just a random thought but write it down. Take some time to consider what you want to do and then take action on what you think you need to do with the idea. So many people think to much… Read More »A few things that make differences.

Microsoft Buying Tiktok & the Stocks

Hey guys, welcome to the show Patrick here. Hope you’re having a great day on eight August. The third. Welcome to new month of August, a lot of exciting stuff going on, and this is going to be a weekly market update I’ve been doing here recently. I really it’s crazy how much stuff’s been going on. Really crazy, a lot of positive stuff out there. So dive right into… Read More »Microsoft Buying Tiktok & the Stocks

Probably To Much To Handle For The Average Person.

There is a song the only way I know. Some of the lyrics go something like this. Hit it hard to the sun goes down. That old red dirt, the first thing you learn is you don’t get anything that you don’t earn. Don’t back up and don’t back down. Full throttle wide open. That is the only way I know. Hit the wall smoking a spinning still not thinking… Read More »Probably To Much To Handle For The Average Person.

Entrefied ENT 117: Navigating Change with Melinda Van Fleet

Melinda Van Fleet They live in the Florida Keys. They wanted to leave there corporate jobs. They had dreams of doing something different.  Melinda mentioned that she worked harder than her peers and still just got minimal raises.  In 2009 she got laid off. She was one of 70 that got laid off. Later her husband got laid off.  They decided to make a massive move to Florida Keys. She… Read More »Entrefied ENT 117: Navigating Change with Melinda Van Fleet