Dealing with Stress and Fear.

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Stress how to conquer it is don’t run away from it but do something toward it.

Take action, you could be anything for you that you are dreading or something that seems so overwhelming the key sometimes is as soon as you find out there is something like that attack it by taking action. Sometimes it may be a lot of projects or things you have to do and some you don’t know how to start get the main one out of the way. The one that is most important.


Key is to take action you may not be able to completely take care of it completely maybe it is a project that will go on for awhile. When you notice that your stressed about something take immediate action and do more and take more action it will make you feel better. Sometimes it is that uncertainty of a situation when we take charge and take a lot of action and put in a lot more work because it trips our stress meter the stress fades and what shows up in its place is satisfacation. Fear turned on itself by hard work and preparation will turn into confidence. 


This is the action step when you notice fear and or stress take massive action right away.  What is it that you need to do? You need to identify how to take its fire instead of it being a lion turn it into a pussy cat. What are you afraid of and conquer it by answering that question what would make this better.




You have to have a strong vision for what you want whether it is personal or business or you will quit.


You have to be flexible about how you get there. Sometimes you will think about quitting if your task is hard.

Action steps is sleep on it and ask yourself is this really what I want to do is quit.  The answer will probably be no and when it is no,  now you just have to think about how to do it different what do you need to change? Sometimes this is part of the creative process of adapting and it hurts a lot until you find out this is just a part of learning and growing and becoming better. The key is mostly to never stop adapting and when you run into that wall sleep on it for awhile and then wait and something will happen it always does.


When you start getting closer to obtaining a goal, you will be tested to see if you want it bad enough. Pride might show up and say well if it coming to hard I shouldn’t have to go through this. You might even think well if it was going to happen it would have happened by now. Change takes time and when your passionate and have your feelings involved it hurts bad but come back to logic land what is worth while takes hard work and patience and sometimes a lot of time. Adapt by using the feedback plan and take action and this process may be 100 times but if it is worth it then it is worth it. Keep your eyes open and learn, you may see some other goal you want better but don’t be talked out of your dream because of sparidioc feelings. You get your feeling hurt start thinking emotional and you want to quit. Emotions lie think logical what can I change and if you don’t know take some time take a lot of time if it can wait. We all want things fast take your time if it really matters you can take the time to do it right and take the time to wait and grow it gradually.  


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