Doing Business With Friends And Family

This is an Entrefied podcast. Entrefied means entering into your success. We look for information and habits that make you better personally and professionally. We also have interview guests.  Here is some of the point for Todays Podcast.


This is a complicated thing doing business with friends and family. I use to would try to avoid it. I remember running a computer shop; I tried to be nice to everyone. I was that type of person at the time that wanted to go overboard to help people. Now, I’ll be honest; I try to find out who I’m dealing with first. It is not that I don’t care about people. I have just learned people use you and sometimes the very people you may trust. I had a customer that kept wanting me to lower the price because I worked on their equipment all the time. It finally got to the point I lost my cool with that person and said it is free, don’t come back. 

It wasn’t the best thing to do probably at the time. I was young and inexperienced, but you live and learn. Here is some thoughts I have now many years later. I’m not sure you will agree with these, but sometimes it may apply. 

  • Its fine to do business with friends and family. Tell them up front I’m going to be harder to deal with because I know you and care about you. It is business, and I don’t like mixing business with personal. I will probably be harder with you than someone else because of this. You may not want to go this route.
  • Treat things logical in business; it is not personal; it is business. That may sound wrong, but if you start to do favors and that kind of stuff, you’re not treating people the same. Your business may suffer just because of a friendship that probably want last anyway. I recently had a situation like this happen. I told the person no, and they kept trying to manipulate me. They lost a lot of colleterial with me on that day. 
  • Build colleterial in the business relationships you have. In most relationships, personal or professional, build what I call colleterial into the relationships. Which means your always a blessing to those people. You make sure you’re not taking advantage and you’re treating them good. It is like putting money in the bank. It grows interest, maybe not a lot but some. Here is the problem, just like cash runs out, people forget and start acting badly. The people that are smart build up and tell people what they need to hear.
  • Stop trying to manipulate people in doing what you want. If people don’t love you and accept you, that is a big clue you may be hanging around the wrong people. 

Story Time

I was watching this show, and this doctor was supposed to do a routine procedure, and the person asked them to do something off the books. The Doctor wound up getting in trouble and when they confronted the person that could have help cleared it up. They said I’m sorry; I cannot do that. I do appreciate what you did for me though. 

Words are words, what has your actions said to me in the past?

What have you done for me lately? Your examples are helping me know what type of person you are, who you are becoming, and how to treat you. 

Doesn’t mean I don’t care about you but when you’re trying to manipulate, me or do wrong to me, what I should hear is revaluate this relationship. They are to close to you, and you need to make sure you keep them on the level they need to be on. 

So what happens when people have lost that colleterial? I try to give people a chance to make a course correction. If I don’t see it, they have been put on a new normal with me. Still love them, but I know at least to some point there going off the rails. It is time for some real love.


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