Don’t waste your time on being offended.

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Don’t waste your time being offended at most stuff. I’ve said it before, but a lot of things don’t matter. One thing that does matter is wasting your time on something that makes you upset that you cannot do anything about. Wasting your time being angry or not in a productive mindset matters. If there is something to learn hey that is one thing but if someone is just acting bad either deal with it or get away from it.

  • Here is a couple of things you can try. Think, why do I care? Try to find something you can learn from it like not to deal with that person again in that manner. I want be sharing that again. Try to find a positive to put on it. How can I deal with that person more effectively, and what does this teach me? Here is a good one how can I handle this situation well and situations like this in the future? Hey, you learned something you sort of turned this possibly into a better situation.


Being open to listen to people means you may learn something new. It doesn’t mean you agree, but if you listen, you may learn something new. Don’t be closed-minded on all other opinions besides yours.

You cannot give away what you don’t have. This is such a powerful statement. When you understand it, even just a little bit at least enough to start applying it in the right way, it will yield you good results.

  • So if you hate someone, it is hard to show them love. If you become fearful, it is hard to be confident. When these negative things reside in your life in a significant amount, it becomes harder for you to demonstrate the opposite positive in your life. If your abundantly full of fear, hate, envy, lust, it is hard to show the opposite of those because your filled up with the wrong stuff. So let me get to the point. Someone might say I’m not going to forgive them because they did this, and they haven’t asked for forgiveness. It will cause you not to be open, and it is going to be hard for you to show love to others and especially that person. You may even get to the point where you say all people are alike; they just let you down. It will taint your outlook to a certain extent. Be logical your not hurting them as much as hurting you. The best thing in most cases is to not them steal your blessings.

Here is the thing, their are times we don’t suppose to share certain things with certain people. Doesn’t mean we don’t love them. There are times to walk away. Again it doesn’t mean you don’t care. I think most everyone is capable of anything if they get the wrong thing in their heads. I just look at it as most people are the same. How can I say that and still show love and forgive? I just look at it as they probably are not thinking right on something or operating under the wrong beliefs. I try to meet them where they are currently and keep them on that level until they show me something different. 

With that said in most situations I’ve found it better to forgive and still bless those same people where you can. Be the example you should be for people that have probably been mistreated or hurt. Be big enough to be the bigger person and show what you want to receive. Even sometimes to people that don’t deserve it. 

That has personally messed you over. Remember this; it is best sometimes to accept the apology that you never got. Remember, in 100 years, it is probably not going to matter anyway. Remember this also when you say I’m holding this back because they did this. You often will be holding back on your potential to receive more in the future and not necessarily from them.

 In most cases forgive and learn how to deal with that person or situation in the future but don’t lose your joy and the ability to bless them where you should. Because you will be losing your blessings too. I said blessings because often a blessing for one yields two for you.

 You can bless those that hate you and receive a double blessing it would be wise to remember this and demonstrate it as well. You can bless people that hate you, you don’t have to feel like it. 

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