Effective Communications

I want to talk about several points that may help you with communicating with other people.

  • Don’t feel like you got to rush the conversation. Take your time speaking with people. I try to have pause moments with people when I’m speaking with them

  • When someone is talking over you, it pays to know there style. Some people may come off as rude, and they may be, but it is their style. So if you can quickly determine the type of person you’re dealing with, you can quickly mimic their style to get results.

  • When someone does not let you finish, it pays to know who you are dealing with, but if you understand you can either keep talking and finish, tell them something like hold on just sec, I want you to hear this part.¬†

  • Keep your tone consistent and not loud just in the medium range, especially when you tell someone something like hold on a second. Keep your tone medium to a little higher to let people know you want to be heard but not yelling and emotional.

  • When someone is talking over you, another technique you can use is to agree with them if you do. Then you can tell them what you want to say.

  • Be straight forward with what you need to say and say it in a few words. Don’t overcomplicate what you need to say. Don’t raise your tone or yell if it is not necessary. Sometimes saying something matter of factly is the best.

  • Sometimes, when you have to tell someone something that is not easily taken, you can say a brief reason. For instance, I cannot let you hang out here because a lot of people would want to. Be honest with what you say though.

  • Be straight to the point and honest with people; it avoids confusion. Whether they like it or not, most people will respect you more if you stand up for yourself.

  • Avoid emotional confrontations. Wait to when someone calms down. Rather than try to explain yourself to someone that is being emotional, sometimes it is best to listen and wait for them to finish. Other times you need to wait till they finish and then tell them in just a few words what you think. Try to leave emotion entirely out of your response. Try to be logical without emotion, empathetic when called for, but logically when talking about what needs to be said.


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