Apple Bans Fortnite, Retail Sales Plummet, & Congress Doesn’t Know What It’s Doing

Hey guys, welcome to the show today. Hope you’re ready to get onto FID, have some great news coming out here for you as far as the stock market. And I just want to do a end of the week recap for how the stock market did this week going from in the month of August 10th through the 14th, you know, pretty boring week kind of, I mean, there are a few things that came up, but you know, really the fortnight ordeal pissed it, Apple pissed it at Google for mad at him.

And so, you know, what’s going to happen. You think there’s going to be monopoly rules. You think Congress is gonna, you know, start making Apple changed things that in more talking about the July retail sales numbers and how they did as far as, you know, retail stores, how their clothes did, I’ll give you the stats on how they performed this in July. And also what is going on with the stimulus bill. We’re going to cover that today as well. So get strapped in and let’s get this knocked out guys.

So Fortnite is mad at Apple. I mean really mad and not only fortnight and Epic games with the creators of fortnight, but recently Apple and Google have both pretty much banned Fortnite from being on their app stores. And this is really, really crazy because, so what, what, what Fortnite did an Epic games in response to this was they created a commercial actually mirrored of the Apple commercial back in 1984, Apple made a commercial and they were going up against, I believe it was IBM.

And they were like, it’s time to tear the monopoly. IBM down, Apple can do it. And now it’s, it’s really hilarious and ironic that Epic games found that 1984 commercial recreated it. Now Apple’s the bad guy. So me, oftentimes you become the very thing. You sort of destroy, you know, if you stay in the game too long. So yeah, that’s, I mean, I think that’s really wild and Apple banning them from their store because, well, for one I was tune was they were charging in their app that way they didn’t have to go through Apple and Apple.

Doesn’t like that. They want their money and they want 30% of their money. First year subscribers and payments. They take 30% out of your payments for the first year. I mean, that’s a pretty big chunk, man. I mean, that’s a big chunk and yeah. And then after the first year, it’s 15%, but still, I mean, that’s a lot of money. And so people like Epic games, they’re like, Hey, look, look, people want to play a game.

And we, we just don’t want to lose 30% of our income on every single transaction to you guys and Apple, you know, obviously he’s going to play the whole, well, it’s fair, it’s fair. And you know, back and forth, but let’s look a little deeper in this. So really the player base of fortnight, at least from lysine, I may be wrong is generally younger people, you know, kids, younger adults. And he know really what I mean.

I hate to say it, but what can they do? You know, they don’t have, you know, now sending my shares and Apple, any of that stuff. And so it’s quite unfortunate and you know, maybe something that come of it, but I mean, you’ve seen it happen with steam on the computer. People will go make origin or Epic game store and they just try to do their own thing and they get crushed really. And it’s kind of sad.

So do I think any of these are going to come to this fortnight strike that’s going on? Well, people like Microsoft match group that was Tinder and some of these other companies like Spotify are all kind of banning together with Epic games and Fortnite and backing up. But I don’t really know if they can actually make things happen. That’s the thing. I mean, you can petition all day protest, whatever, but I don’t think anything really change.

I mean, maybe Apple may drop their percentage a little or change something in the clause. Well, we’ll see. We’ll see. But now, well, I will say that is a positive of, this is let’s say everything flops and we forget about this. And six months later, another company has it done to them. Then whenever they cry out all of the past companies like Epic games match group, Spotify are going to band together. And eventually you’re going to have a whole mob of people mad at Apple and then they’ll really have to do something.

So, I mean, there’s a lot of murky water right now, PR nightmare for Apple, but yeah, we’ll see how they handle it, but there are stocks chugging along and they’re about to hit 2 trillion market cap valuation. I don’t think anybody cares about this little, you know, debacle with Fortnite. And as far as the investors that don’t think they care at all. So moving on, we have the retail flop. Yeah. The July retail sales numbers hit today.

And it’s pretty terrible. I mean, they’ve seen growth in three consecutive months, but the growth was in July sales grew 1.2% versus the 1.9% expected. So retail is growing pretty slow. I mean, Amazon dominates everybody. I was going to get a pair of dress shoes few days ago. And I just, you know, I look at these other websites and they’ll want $200 for a pair of shoes.

I go to Amazon, same shoe. It’s 50 bucks. Like, I mean, it’s just ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. And you can say what’s poor local brands, whatever. That’s cool. So I load my $200 pair of shoes. They’ll support the local brand. Oh, two weeks shipping. I need this next Thursday. Well, tough break. You know, so you’re telling me the price is cheaper and they get quicker shipping. I mean, there’s a point where you just got to say, look, Amazon is a beast.

I just got accepted. Okay. And so I think retail’s getting destroyed crushed by companies like Amazon. And it’s unfortunate. I mean, there’s always going to be people that want to go inside stores and try stuff on. But the only way I see them surviving is if they band together and create some kind of like store, like all the Macy’s, all the JC Penny’s whatever’s left, they just band together and make like a super Macy JC penny.

And maybe then they’d have a chance, but that’s really the only way tackling this individually is not going to work. And lastly here me talking about how the Senate has still not reached a conclusion, a deal on the stimulus relief. This is pretty frustrating. And I don’t really know, you know, which side you guys are on what you’re thinking, but apparently the Republicans have been ready for weeks, but the Democrats aren’t bending in the most recent hiccup bump in the road is the us postal service.

The Democrats want to give them believe it’s $25 billion. And president Trump believes this is a bad idea because it will, they will use the money to expand male and voting. And you know, either way, I don’t know. I don’t know. I can’t speak for either side, but what I do know is this, the Republicans are probably under bidding and the Democrats are probably overbidding. So they had to find a middle ground.

They had to say, look, you guys are too cheap and you guys are too expensive. How do we meet in the middle? And so they’re hitting these hiccups, like the post office, which is just a cash cow. I mean, I’m not gonna lie. The post office loses money faster than it gets money. I mean, it’s a terrible service as far as monetarily terrible revenue models, everything. And yeah, I think the, the biggest issue with the post office is the employee system, but I could be wrong.

But anyway, not trying to talk about that specifically. I’m just saying that the post office, I think is a bad investment and I hate to say it, but it’s tiny. And again, asking for financial service every couple years, I mean, okay, we get it. You’re going to have to carry your own load post office. I mean, yeah, you’re getting destroyed by Amazon delivery ups and all these other places. But I don’t know. I mean, there’s no innovation there.

It’s a government ran facility, post office facility, and it’s kind of not really holding up very well. It’s not aging. Well, it’s not making money. It’s losing billions of dollars all every year, just getting sunk into the post office. So, you know, I think there’s a much larger issue there than just the mail and voting, but now’s not the time to be debating on our post office system.

Like that’s great, but you have millions of people looking for some sort of relief, you know, the $1,200 check expanded unemployment benefits. They don’t care about their mail. If anything, they don’t want to see any mail because it’s probably bills. So, you know, obviously that’s an issue. Obviously the post office is an issue, but please, you know, they need to take care of that later. So hopefully by they’re going to reconvene September the ninth, I don’t know whose idea this was.

I’m sorry, September the eighth. They’re going to reconvene after labor day. So they’re going to just go take a break seven 30 house or whatever they do all the way until September the eighth. It’s insane. I’m very frustrated because right now the nation is in like a pandemic state crisis. And you telling me, these guys are just going to go home for the next two weeks.

I’m sorry, three weeks almost. And just hang out at the house because they can’t reach an agreement. Are you kidding me? So looking at the that’s that’s five, 10, 15 business days lost because they can’t come to an agreement. Are you kidding me over a post office? I mean, maybe there’s more to it than I’m not seeing, but I mean, this is ridiculous. You have people counting on some kind of assistance, some kind of help.

And you’re just going to go pilly Pally, slap a round of golf balls on the course, probably next week with your boys while people are trying to figure out how they’re going to make it another month. All because you can’t agree about some post office stuff. I mean, this is ridiculous. Where’s the sense of urgency in, in the Senate. I mean, this is insane. So hopefully, hopefully when they come back September the eighth, after they go on their cruise or whatever the heck they’re doing no three weeks plus from now.

Yeah. Hopefully when they come back from their luxurious three week vacation, they have some kind of solution beyond this post office hiccup and they say, Hey look guys, we have this bill figured out and I’m sorry to go on rent guys. But this is really stupid. Like if I had a village full of hungry people, the last thing I want to do is to take a three week break. This is so dumb. And anyway, so sorry for the rant.

Just wrapping it up today. So today we talked about the Fortnite with Apple fiasco going on right now retail’s flopping. We’ve got a bunch of breaks going on and the Senate, I mean, dudes are just chilling, taking vacations, whatever, man, it’s pretty crazy. So I hope the next week come Monday when I dropped the next episode as a better news cousin, better look out for the week ahead of next week. I think it’s going to be a great week. Figuring out I was in a huge breakouts. We have big companies like Nvidia posting their earnings reports for the quarter, and I expect big things out of Nvidia.

They just got a price target raised to 500. They’re currently valued at four 60. So definitely definitely a big thing to look out for. Thanks for listening to the show and just want to throw out a quick disclaimer, not giving you guys advice on what to buy. So trade just straight up news. Also. I own shares in Apple and Nvidia. Thanks for listening to the show guys.

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