Entrefied ENT 117: Navigating Change with Melinda Van Fleet

Melinda Van Fleet

They live in the Florida Keys. They wanted to leave there corporate jobs. They had dreams of doing something different.  Melinda mentioned that she worked harder than her peers and still just got minimal raises. 

In 2009 she got laid off. She was one of 70 that got laid off.

Later her husband got laid off. 

They decided to make a massive move to Florida Keys. She mentions that it took a lot of faith and grit to do what they did. 

Her husband held fast to his dream of being a fishing guide and start his on business. 

She started a new career in sales. 

I think it is important to note here that you have to hold on to your dreams because you will be tested how serious you are about them. Its not easy making massive moves. I think there has to be a little logic behind dreams where they can stand on dry ground.

Sometimes in the most difficult situations you will find that there is opportunity that you never did see before. It sound absurd to some but if your never are tested you will never know on some of these opportunities.

Pretty interesting story, click to listen to this podcast.

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