ENT 102: How to Overcome Challenges and Produce Success with Roland Benson

This was some notes from the Roland Benson Podcast I thought was a really great podcast.

Starting were you are at and grow. You may not be able to start and the top but it doesn’t mean you should start. The question is what do you need to be doing right now. 1:46

You should grow or learn. 2:30

How do you recession proof your business.  3:10

Get to the point quickly with what you are doing. 4:38

You need to have laser like focus on what your doing.

Get involved in the area you can to get excited. Focus on what excites you to go further.



What is one of the main things that makes you really successful is to be debt free. Make sure you stay positive. 11:00

Roland was talking about visualizing things into a story board where he could communicate with people. Then he started using that to make make money. One of the things I got from that was start were you are at and use what your good and also what works.

Start were you are at and grow into were you are going. One of things you need to start doing something and start taking action.


Roland says don’t turn down work in your wheelhouse.


Preplanning for financial recession. Start to think  different. The question is what should you be doing in the time you are in right now. Should you be investing, saving etc. If you are saving in the good times sometimes you buy deals in the bad times. This is a separate note from the podcast but I think it might be a good idea to start saving just 2% of your check a month at 12 months that 24% start small and grow over time.


Make sure your adding value and make sure you build relationships. Lots of time success boils down to a lot of positive relationships and working with people to accomplish great things.


Pay attention to details because that is a really great quality it makes good great sometimes.


Mindset makes a lot of difference. Training fleas talking about self limiting yourself because you have failed before. Sometimes start thinking about things different and adding better thoughts and thinking better that means putting in good stuff taking better actions.


Really interesting talking about taking action on a weakness to be better. This was a example of how he started out not being able to talk to people. Then he took a challenge to go somewhere and start talking to people in small way by just asking a question. Challenge after challenge now he can talk to be people much easier and can ask them a lot of questions that may be hard for others.

I think this shows the power of small but consistant steps that lead to bigger things later. Take baby steps.


What is holding you back in your mindset. You don’t know what you don’t know. Having a coach helps you.


Journaling about your day everyday right down about what your grateful for as well remind yourself what happened good Today what your thankful for.


What areas you need to work.


The Purple cow. Very interesting talking about standing out. Its about making your business stand out what is your purple cow? How do you stand out, what makes your business stand out. I think also what makes you stand out above the competition.


Remember everybody learns from someone. Chances are that person that your talking to learned from someone else. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask us questions ask Roland. The more positive resources you have in your life the better your chances I believe to reaching higher than you ever have before.


Trust your gut and grow faster. Reach out to people make connections. Move faster and get better results. How can you amp up what your doing right now? Are you ready? Ask yourself is it time to ramp up and get a lot more? What is it time for?


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  1. One of my favorite parts of this podcast was talking about the purple cow. Some may not have heard of the story. The simple version of the story is about someone driving by and someone sees this purple cow they go back and ask how do you have a purple cow. The point is how do you distinguish yourself what is your purple cow? Its so important to know what good thing makes you stand out in a positive way. What is it that makes you stand out in a positive way? It may not be something right now but maybe you can develop it. Names some things that it could be. You never know what one piece of information applied can change your life.

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