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Instead of thinking negative things, and sometimes even worse saying negative things, prepare for the negative things and don’t speak them.

I heard it said that negative things spoken can be seven times more powerful than saying positive things. So what does this mean?

Stop saying negative things. Sometimes we cannot control the thoughts that go through our head. Sometimes bad things do happen, so what can we do? 

  1. We can start to recognize the things we fear and prepare for what we fear by taking the right action now and being prepared. Fear loses it power. You can ultimately think it doesn’t hold in power over me because it will not happen. Your ultimately free from the fear from it. You are prepared and ready.
  2. We can refuse to run the scenarios that could happen again and again over in our head how things might happen. Instead, what are the things I’m afraid of here and how can I react positively and be prepared for it. You are priming yourself for a positive mindset. Your stepping into a faith driven thought process. Remember what the bible says faith is dead without works. Again you are free from the grips of that fear because you have reshaped your thoughts and your ready. What can you do about your fears?
  3.  I recently heard a story, and the person was talking about jail, how the mattress wasn’t thick, and you would toss and turn because it was uncomfortable, and it took some getting use too. Sometime we might even think what is the use? First most situations it is possible to adapt, and if you recognize where you are at, and what you have to do, that is your new normal for now.  
    1. Start knowing what you need to do now in the new normal. It could be your in a tough spot and work with a tough boss, it could be your in college, and you got deadlines and a job too, it could be your in jail trying to survive. Whatever it is right now, this is your new normal how can you prepare for those worst fears and be ready?
    2. Remember why you are fighting it is not just for you it is for others. When you fight you fight for them. You must keep that in your mind why you are fighting.


How do you change what your doing that doesn’t work? You have to find the truth about what works and what you want and then put massive action behind that. What is in your control? Those things you can do something about work on that. Prepare for what you fear, and speak right things don’t speak negative things.

What are some things you are doing now that you could stop that would give you greater success?

I’m going to name some examples that may make the list.

  • Talking about other people negatively with no intention of how to fix the problem but doing it to complain. Instead of looking at it as a fear and how to fix it.
  • Hanging around the wrong people. 
  • Trusting and telling things to the wrong people. 
  • Taking offence when people don’t treat you right and expecting them to be different. Instead, maybe you should start to realize certain people are the way they are, and you should act accordingly.
  • Not putting extra in to get better results, whether that is study action or both.
  • Not having a long term picture for your life. 
  • Caring a lot about what others think.
  • Always coming back for more bad treatment. Sometimes people respect you more when you treat them the way they deserve to be treated, and sometimes that means saying goodbye or changing a relationship.

Make the time to do what is important; don’t wait for time to free up you free up the time for what is important.

You cannot do just anything you have to find out the principals of success that work in the area you want and then start doing them. 

  • One find out the success principals for what you want.
  • Apply them to get what you want by taking action.

I want to leave you with this thought, what are the things you need to start preparing for, and what are the things you need to stop doing?

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