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It is a great day because I get to work through my problems. I get to face them, write them down, reconstruct them into something better. Maybe not perfect, but something better.


I don’t have to think like everyone else. Face what you need to do head-on. Try to become better to rise above where you’re at. Use the pressure; don’t let the pressure use you.


I get to challenge the way I think about things. Can I see them differently? You know often inventors, innovators, didn’t think like everyone else. How can I reconstruct the problem to find a better answer?



You don’t have to listen to all the noise. A man told me one time to turn down the volume. Refuse to think about it. Continually focus on what needs focus and not on what doesn’t.




Progress sometimes takes time; keep putting the work in. Recognize the things that need focus, write them down in a safe place. Revisit them often as a place on your schedule. Don’t just know, do.





Always try to have an answer ready. Preplan your route. If you’re always ready for the pop quiz in school you may even start to look forward to being ready. In large part with anything is how we choose to look at it. Our mind is powerful.




When you have a problem, write it down in a centralized location to come back at your planning time. Write down ideas of how to deal with it. What is needed?





Take 10 to 15 minutes in the morning to take 20 or so deep breaths outside. Most days, I think we are all stressed; we take shallow breaths. Take a moment before you start to meditate and take some deep breaths.




Take a little time in the morning to write down some things you notice lately you could do better on. Always be trying to get better. Why not you are only going through one time. You can go just go through, but if you make progress, you’re going to feel better about things. Choose to be happy! Don’t think oh, this doesn’t apply to me. Yes, it does anything you do can be made better in most situations.






Sometimes learning to deal with people more effectively means building a profile of the people you’re around. Understanding how people operate means you can effectively deal with them better. Don’t get caught up with judging people why people do what they do. Just learn about them to be better equipped to deal with them in the future.






A great piece of advice my friend that is passed away now said. He said don’t get too excited. I think what he meant was don’t get so worked up, stay calm, it will all work out. Try to stay logical when people get emotional. Most everything passes away, enjoy the moments, don’t get to excited try to separate the emotional sometimes. Most things don’t add up to be much. I hope we can have a lot of enjoyment in our life. It is like a pastor told me one time. He said something like this tis a short life and soon it will be passed only the things we do for Christ will last. I do believe that.







I think emotion is important in certain things, but sometimes we use it as a crutch. We get to wrapped up in our emotions and stop doing what we need to do. We often judge what we think people need to do and get our feelings hurt when people say and do what we think is bad things to us.
If we would just be there in love and listen, not instruct just listen. We would learn a lot more than we say. Then if we just did what we needed to do without complaint. We focused our minds on what needed to be focused on and kept our minds on that rather than thinking on some of the negatives that don’t uplift us.

If we loved where we could, chose not to think bad about people, didn’t talk bad about people, minded our business, kept our mouth shut and focused on what needed to be done and did it, we would be much happier.











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