Make sure you have the right attitude. msg 2

1.    If your day is going badly, then you probably need to reexamine your attitude on that day. Chances are you started off with the wrong attitude.

2.    Next, how do you reset? People are different, and it doesn’t always work the same with everyone. One thing you can try is considering what matters and what does not. Many
things aggravate us, that is not really important. Refocus on what is

a.     Stop when you realize when things are not important; don’t get emotional about it and see if you can mitigate the problem fast and move on.

b.    Your mindset is essential. Recognize the thoughts you should be thinking and the thoughts you shouldn’t be dwelling on. Ask yourself what thoughts have been coming through
your mind. Now start to think the thoughts you should be thinking right

c.     Don’t forget to breathe. Take a moment and breathe.

d.    Take a moment and take a walk or break. Then regroup by finding out the next few things you need to do and then make a note of the next time you have planning time. Then get to

e.     What are some things you are looking forward to Today? Take a moment and think about that. 

f.      Sometimes people feel better when they are making progress. So what are some things you can do right now to get progress in your day?

3.   You need to find the reasons you have good days. Some things are isolated events, but I think if you look, you will find that their are reasons your having good days that you can repeat. Imagine living every day the way you want. You cannot always control what you do, but if you could control your attitude, and work on your goals continually, I think you would have great years.


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