Nvidia Buys A New Company – Microsoft & Tik Tok Deal

Hey guys, Patrick here today. Hope you’re doing great on this September, the 14th of 2020 years flying by to be, to be Christmas. And next thing you know, It and you know, you’re gonna be buying everybody gifs and a, I know someone who will be getting a gift of this year and that his Microsoft more news on that in the update with the byte dance Deal for Tik talk coming up also they’re is somebody that is getting a new present and that’s Nvidia they just bought a company and we’ll cover that here in a little bit as well.

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And talk to me and tell, tell us what you think about our opinions and our episodes. So let’s get straight into it. So Nvidia has and has announced they are going to be buying a arm, which is a company that designs architecture for mobile chips use in almost every mobile device in the world, from the iPhone to almost every Android device. So a soft bank is going to be selling a arm to Nvidia for $40 billion and SoftBank bought arm for 31.4 billion back in 2016 and obviously a move for these guys to raise cash at soft bank because they got absolutely destroyed by their, we work on Uber investments.

I mean, we work, you want to talk about a dumpster fire. That company went to like a $50 billion evaluation and then back to like $1 billion valuation in like a couple months, it was insane. A So definitely hurt. And so selling arm to a video is going to be awesome. And I really predict this week and maybe even next week, I think it’d video is going to go in a tear with this news. I mean, Nvidia was already dominating the market, but now that they’re going to be acquiring a new chip dealer, the biggest mobile chip dealer in the world it’s used in every mobile device in the world, the most that’s like that’s so Nvidia is going to be even more.

Yeah. Overpowered. So, I mean, this is great news. So I think it’d be, is going to explode and it’s going to shoot up like a freaking Geyser. So hopefully I know the market’s have been pretty choppy the past really weak and a half, but that’s okay. I think its, you know, everything is red. So that lets me know. It’s kinda like a big correction for everything. Just kind of bringing us back down to reality. But I think we’re definitely going to stay in this bull market because the interest rates are so low.

So moving on Microsoft they’re Deal status, they were rejected by bite dance to buy Tik TOK so apparently they didn’t like their offer or how they were going to present it. They didn’t like something about the deal with Microsoft and so unfortunately Microsoft and I’m going to get it. So they are definitely, probably are going to go down tomorrow in this week because of their failure to make a deal happen. And Oracle seems to be the number one horse in this race to be buying Tik TOK, which is super, super weird Oracle owning a social media company.

It’s definitely going to be different, very different. And unfortunately Microsoft didn’t get it. I was actually kind of rooting for them, but actually if Oracle picks up Tik TOK I think this will kinda put them back in the game. I mean, they’re pretty, they’re a pretty huge company, but there is a really put them in back on the, the ma the, the, you know, the big stage, the big, big player stage, because take TOK is a huge app, man. Huge got like insane amount of downloads.

Yeah, it’s stupid. It’s the number one app out there. I don’t, and I’ve tried to use it and I’m going to lie. He couldn’t get into it. Maybe I was using the wrong, but yeah, a kid nagging into it and you guys are probably Tik talkers out there, but Hey, if not to use it had on over to our community, let me know Hey and last thing I wanted to talk to you guys about today, trying to make my episode shorter, quicker more to the point. And I’m going to wrap it up with this last big point.

Ah, this is more of like a mentality for traders and investors. I’m you ever heard that song? You’ve got to know when to hold them and know when to fold them a definitely know when to fold them and It they need to lose money. I can’t tell you how many people they would have picked up the gauntlet, opened a brokerage account and then went in there and bought some weed stocks or you know, Tesla. And then they got slaughtered by the consolidation or the pullback, like we’d got just crushed.

I mean, that was a bubble and that was definitely a bubble. The whole, you know, CGC, Cron till re all that crap was a bubble. And the people that bought it, it didn’t get out because they were like, Oh, it’s going to come back. It you know, it very well might come back and the next 10 to 20 years, but I mean, who wants to wait that long? Let’s be real. You don’t even have tomorrow guaranteed. And so it’s like, okay, this is a terrible investment. I should probably just take my losses and move on.

But a lot of people don’t want to accept the losses. So I would say back whenever I first started trading, I remember I put in, I dunno, a couple of hundred bucks, right? And I told myself, it was like, I will never take a losing trade. And that was the dumbest thing I’ve ever thought of in my life. And so for the first six months, maybe in my trading, which I wasn’t doing a lot of it, maybe at one trade have a week or two, I was like, Oh no, I’m not going to sell. Unless I get back to a penny, a penny positive or something, you know, I will not stand for losing money.

And I was very, very wrong. And so looking at you, Jeff Bezos, I’ve got a little quote here from Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon founder and owner. He said, And given a 10% chance of a hundred times payout. You should take that bet every time in quote, you know, those are impossible odds. You need to make bold decisions to achieve big success. You won’t always succeed, but you can still learn things to help you achieve.

You want to always make money with your trade, but you can learn Hey I should’ve got a call earlier. Hey, I should’ve closed later. Hey, I should have been so greedy. And you just get back. You got there. I mean, really, if you make a, a bunch of terrible small trades, like you make, I dunno, five bad trades in a row, and then you make one really amazing trade in that engulfs, all of your bad traits combined. Guess what? You just, you one your back in the green.

So it’s definitely improved. You know, when to sell an investment, that is correct. Go look at the balance sheet. Look at the quarterly earnings reports. Look at the guidance. What is their, Next a quarter gonna look like they are next year. Is it looking downhill and then sell it? Its that easy, but when I’m down 5%, OK, go reinvest in Nvidia or something else that’s going to make. You are shoot up to 20, 30% in the next quarter.

Instead. So hope you guys got some from That today. Head over, over to the iTunes store for Apple or wherever you listen from a leader sort of view Support us follow us, and then give us some feedback during the Facebook community, the link is on our website and you can definitely tell what you think about today’s episode and future episodes, what you would like to hear about. Oh, you know, I was going to start at this thing where you guys give me a stock and I’ll review it.

I’ll review it. I’ll talk about it and will go over it. So thanks for watching this show today guys, and Hey hope we have a great day.

Hey, I just want to throw a disclaimer out there. I do own shares of Nvidia and Microsoft thanks for reading

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