PAR Part 1 Plan Action Repeat — Daily Routine

PAR Part 1 Plan Action Repeat

Daily Routine First Thing. Take a notebook and write down the headings and answer the questions for Today. Below each one it gives you a description. Do this everyday for best results. Keep yesterdays old notes too.


5 Minute Starter
Spend time listing the top three things you want to accomplish Today in your list. If you have time write down your list of things to do Today before you get started.


Write down something you are looking forward to Today.

What have you learned?

Think back to Yesterday or Today if you are filling this out at night. What could you have done better? What are some things you learned? What did you excel at yesterday or today that you can repeat? If you have had a good day or bad day what are some of the reasons? Write that down and how to repeat it if it was a win or write down how to fix it for next time if it something that needs to be worked on.


Todays List

Looking at what you have learned above, what is some things you want to try to do better on and some things you want to repeat?


Working Toward A Goal

It is good to work toward your goals daily. If your working toward a goal Today what is it and what will you be doing?


This ends the list of thing to do daily.

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