Rabid Fire Point 8/20/20

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This is Jeff from the Entrefied Podcast. Entrefied means entering into your success!

We look for points that add value to our listeners. We talk about mindset, leadership, habits and more. We also interview guests, if you would like to be on the show go to our website entrefied.com to find out more. 

Before we get started, I want you to listen for those questions you can answer on each one of these points. Next, after the podcast, I want you to look in the description and go to the link in our description to get the podcast notes. That way you can get the notes and read it again and again and answer those questions too. I highly encourage you to get our podcast notes it is something you can go back over and over.

  • You have to be open to the possiblity of something for you to have a better chance of making it happen. So the key point here is to stay open. Then start figuring out how it is possible and breaking it down, but if you dismiss it before you start, you don’t even believe it yourself. You have to start with the belief that it is possible. What dreams would you dare to dream if you believed? Sometimes researching how to do something will help you or find someone who has done it and see if you can model what they did.
  •  Start to identify what limiting beliefs you’re telling yourself. These are dream killers. Start to work on those weaknesses that are holding you back. Not just attitudes either. It could be your knowledge in an area or your skills in a field. I always say the first key is to identify what it is you want to change, and then the next step is how do I do it, action, and then schedule when you will work on it. What can you identify that is holding you back, and how can you start to work on it?
  • We often set ourselves up for failure by going too hard to fast or expecting too much. I talked with a friend of mine about lifting weights he said just take it easy just every week or two add a couple of pounds on each side of the bar. The idea is look for small goals and accomplishments. That’s the main point look for and be excited about small accomplishments, but the first part is to set mini-goals and celebrate them. What are some ways you have self-sabotaged yourself? What can you learn from that and do differently?

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