Rapid Fire Point 8-26-20

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Organizing your day on what will be done even before the day gets here is smart. I’ve spent some time talking about making a list in the day your in. Some people use their calendars what about getting good enough at it that you can schedule a day or two out. 
I just wanted you to think about that point about organizing another day before it gets here. Sometimes we get were we are only thinking about the day of, and maybe you would have some better success thinking further.
The next point one of the first things to learn is realizing you don’t know everything in the area you are working at, and you need some help. 
As long as you think you got this, you cannot learn as much from others. The very fact that you can admit to yourself that you don’t know means you may be open to research and more knowledge, which is good.
  • Now find someone or something to help you get more information that will help you win.
  • Something to consider what is the smart people doing that gets results?
  • You don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes you want to copy the wheel and find a way to make it better in a area.
  • Do you want to do pushups? You probably like the results of doing pushups. The result is what we want. So here is something you can try right down the results in the areas you want and then write down what you think it will take to get that result. Every morning read the result you want and what you wrote down to get there.
  • Another exercise, wake up early get a notepad and take 10 deep breaths, then think back to a time you did well while taking deep breaths you don’t have to count them this time. Now just breath deep breaths; you can write random thoughts, or you can just breath. After this is done 5 or 10 minutes later, write down some stuff to get your day started like the top three action item bullets.
  • Make your life note worthy. Not to me but for you. What will get you going, having fun, passion, drive, energy toward something? What would make you excited every day? How can you structure your days were you are excited, and at the end of your life you don’t want a take back. Just a note here, you can sit and write this stuff down in your mornings too but do it sometime soon.
  • We need to get the process in place to start living our daily lives like we are serious about achieving what we want.    
    • We have to Identify what we want.
    • We have to organize our lives to accomplish what is needed to obtain those goals daily.
    • We need to make sure we have laid everything out right, and we have double-checked what we are doing. Making sure we are working out of excellence, not ignorance. You may only get one shot at this thing you need to make sure you do it right the first time. Here is the next part making sure you know how to do what you think you know. Research what is necessary you cannot think you have to know. Find the truth!
    • Research what you need to do and model others that are doing it right.
    • Watch people; this is not just people that have accomplished what you want; this is people in general. Everyone is your teacher. Spend some time thinking about what everyone around you does well and what they don’t, learn and apply.

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