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The phenomenon of the moon in the water is likened to human experience. The water is the subject and the moon the object. When there is no water, there is no moon in the water, and likewise when there is no moon.

But when the moon rises the water does not wait to receive its image, and when even the tiniest drop of water is poured out the moon does not wait to cast its reflection. The moon does not intend to cast its reflection and the water does not receive its image on purpose. The event is caused as much buy the water as by the moon, and as the water manifests the brightness of the moon, the moon manifests the clarity of the water. Everything does have a real relationship…

 It reminds me that their are some relationships between things. Really their is a lot of relationships we don’t understand.  I have heard it said that if you stand up tall with your shoulders up, you will feel better. If we find traits in others, we like and begin to mimic these traits; they may become our own.

Have you noticed some people in your life that have some traits you admire?

What are some traits you wish to implement in your life from what you have seen?

If you slowly start adding these things by practice, you can have these things happen automatically when you need them. You will have developed another tool to go in your tool belt.

Write down some things you see others do that is impressive. Also, look at people that have succeeded in their field what are they doing special?

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  1. There are generally times of the day that you need to do things. What are those things that you need to do during your days? Rather than think about it just do. Have a planning time, yes, but the most of the time, just do what you know to do.

    I was thinking today. A whole lot of the reasons why certain people get better results, is because they’ve directed their focus to what they want to get, and they focused on one specific thing.

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