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Start where you are, and try to become better. So many people want to go so hard at things they burn out. Find little things like the things mentioned here and start adding little things you could do better and add more later.

Try waking up 10 minutes earlier at first. Then later try for an hour or more. Find a way to make a small improvement. Like waking up 10 minutes earlier, and you might even try to go to bed earlier. Start noticing your patterns. Not just sleep but things you could do better. Then start making some changes in your daily life. Doing positive things effects your mindset and even your energy. It is powerful if you get it right. 

  •  When you wake up early, find something to look forward too, not something you’re going to hate. Maybe 5 or 10 minutes worth of stretching, deep breathing, coffee, or something that is not a burden but something you enjoy. I like deep breathing sometimes too, and just thinking and relaxing.

  • Carrying one notebook to list your tasks for the day and in the back have notes. This I love. I like just want one thing to keep up with. It is much easier for me than three notebooks.

  • Make your bed when you first get out of it. Remember, even the small things add up mentally too. It puts you in a positive mindset, I think. It seems like every positive thing I do puts me in a better mood. It is like my brain says, hey, I want to be productive today and gives me more energy.

  • Try to have productive days but also have catch up days that are a little lighter.

  • When a task comes to you try to knock it out quickly and get it over with. I’m trying to get in the habit of touch it once principal. Which means I don’t have to look at it again.

  • Try to work the whole time your working. Meaning have a dedicated focus when you’re working not half way working. A dedicated laser focus is so important; it gives you something extra in your work. 

  • Next, look for that next little thing you could do to make you better Tomorrow, and when you master that keep repeating this process. ALWAYS BE LOOKING FOR THE NEXT LITTLE THING TO IMPROVE. It gives me crazy energy. Don’t do to much, just a little.

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