Taking action that matters. msg 5

Taking action is super important; as long as you take forward progressive action, you are probably doing well.  I know a lot of people don’t want to have structured days and maybe that is ok, but I would suggest you build some time in for study and planning. Action has to happen for you to be successful. You can have a great plan. Be very knowledgable but until you take action, sometimes it is just a plan in waiting. 

What action right now do you need to take toward your goal?

Decide what step you need to take as an action toward your goal.

Even a small step in the right direction is still a step. 

1. Identify the areas you want to make improvement.

2. Identify the goal in those areas.

3. Identify what is the main one you want to work on.

4. Start getting knowlege on that area.

5. Take action on it.

Realize that you don’t have to have the full vision. Sometimes

     you just need to take small progressive action. Often it leads to 

     the next step.

6. Don’t over think it sometimes there is a time to do and not think so much.

7. If your like most your biggest problem will be with yourself trying to talk yourself out of something. Adapt if neccesary but don’t lose heart.

Next thing is not putting the neccesary work in. Doing what you need to do to get it done. Could be work could be study. Something you need to know is it don’t come easy it comes at a cost. Emotionally you have to get your head right. I will be talking about that more in continual improvement program how you can start to break that bad emotion pattern of lying to yourself and find motivation. 

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