Train your brain.

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  • Train your brain tell yourself what you expect, and except no back talk. When you have identified in the day what you want, you have written it down, then stick to it. That is what you have set out to do. When your brain comes to you and says, hey, I don’t feel like this Today, you say nope already decided. Be sure to tell it something back that puts a positive spin on it. Like when I go to the gym, I’m going to feel energetic, accomplished, and better. We have negative conversations with ourselves, and things are lying to us. We have to call Bull. We need to start adding positive to the arguments in our heads. So that is one thing you can do when you know you should do something, or you have wrote it down or both. First say no, I’m doing it, that’s it.
  • Then tell yourself something positive about doing it. Train your brain to listen to you. It is discipline, and it requires practice. Let’s move further in even beyond that I want you to tell yourself something before you get started. When you write down your list in the morning as you should be doing because it is a part of our workbook. I want you to tell yourself one thing positive about each item after you have written them down.
  • I would encourage you to put an estimated time by them and when you think you are going to start too. When you tell yourself something positive, maybe when things come up and say hey, I don’t want to do that, maybe just maybe you will remember, but if you don’t still practice the little technique above, I just mentioned. Train your brain.

So I want you to ask yourself what have I been pulling out of and why? What flaws do I have that keeps me repeating this pattern, and how can I stop them?

You can take a lot of positive credit for the good things you have done but realize when you need to start making yourself more accountable.

This is a deep well guys, what are those things you need to start being more accountable to yourself on? The second question what is some of the things you need to change your opinion on and take action on immediately. One more question how much better will your life be if you consistently do this?

I want to talk to you about the difference in finding success and being a success. You will see people that may find a level of success for one reason or the other deserved or not deserved either way they find some sort of success. You may have found a level of success. Then you will find people that are a success regardless of where they are at when you find them you will find someone that is living successfully. I want to encourage you to start living daily success.

Sometimes specific goals of success take time, and you may go for years trying to accomplish them. Hopefully, if and when you achieve them they are worth finding. Some may not be. I don’t think there is anything wrong with working after these long term goals, but I want you to think about your daily success for a minute.

What would make you a daily success every day? Please think about that for a minute. What could you have done Today that would have made you more successful? I’m talking about your definition here, not someone else’s definition.

* Ok, this is a little homework here. So I would encourage you to get the podcast notes where you can go over all this stuff. I want you to write out what you would have had to do Today to be a success to yourself.

  • Now Tomorrow before it gets here, I want you to write out what you will have to do Tomorrow to succeed for Tomorrow. Now is this what you’re doing every day? If not, could it be the reason we talked about above your talking yourself out of it everyday? You may be saying to yourself I don’t feel like it. Remember the first point we just talked about what you should do. You may need to wait till you can write it down but do it.

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