Work Ethic; Successful People Have It. msg 1

It seems to be a common trait that most successful people have, and that is a great work ethic. 

1. One of the things I think sometimes that helps with your work ethic is to get excited about what you’re doing. How do you do that, you might ask? I think it is first defining what it is. Just as a simple example, what do you need to get done today? Write a list of things you need to get done.

2. Next, get started early, making your list, and also get started with the list right away. 

3. Get started a little early every day.

4. Have a main goal for today. You will fill more accomplished most days if you have a main goal, and you accomplish it.

5. Avoid getting stressed. Some ways that you can do that is when things come up knock them out fast. This will build momentum. 

6. Focus on what matters right now in the heat and thick of the day. There is a time for planning, but it is probably not when you need to get something done. Set a time to go over planning time every day. 

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