You Need A Reason To Motive You Every Day.

Get around people that make you uncomfortable with your success. It doesn’t have to always be about money. It cold be something they do well, maybe you model some successful traits and grow yourself. Find something that motivates you to be better.

Find something to motivate you. This is where the juice is. I was recently watching a show about the Chicago Bulls, and it was talking about how Michael Jordan used to find a way to always keep himself motivated. How he continually challenged himself, and it leads you to believe he was always looking for that next challenge to rise too. I want to challenge you ever day to look for something that challenges you. 

Don’t think you have to feel like doing something to do it. I’ve mentioned this before well intentions without actions sometimes are just nice thoughts. They don’t bare the fruit of significant actions. Even if you don’t do something great and you only done it well, you did it. It will yield more than just a thought.

Make a plan Today and list what needs to be done and get about doing it.

Next, when the thought comes through your mind, I don’t know if I want to do this, I can do it some other time, stop, and tell yourself, it is not about feeling it is about action. Just a simple statement like I don’t have to feel it; I just have to produce. Guard your mindset in the day and say no to certain things and try to keep them out of your mind. Another is starting early, keep going to keep momentum, and develop a process to be better.

I heard a saying one time that know one is smarter than you; they just know things you don’t. What do you need to be studying every day? Remember, you don’t have to dedicate a lot of time sometimes to something just a little bit of time every day for so many days a week adds up.

What is that next challenge for you?

Sometimes the only meaning to certain things is the meaning we give them. That was hard for me to accept at one point. I’m coming to my grips with that. Balance in life is essential; work and fun have their part. Work Today builds for Tomorrow but may mean little in 10 years it may be just memories. So why do it then? What else are you going to do? God made us to be productive, so be productive, that I believe is why we feel better when we accomplish more in our days. When things are laid outright, and we got it right that day. Our mind was set up right, we thought the right things, and we stayed busy.


 So is that enough, no, not for me. I don’t have it altogether, but I am trying to do better. One thing I would suggest is investing in your future, always be doing that. One day if what you did was just a good day, you didn’t invest in anything to make you better, wealthier, healthier, in ten years, it is probably just a memory. It may be a good memory, and that is important, but what if you would have done something even if it was small, just to a small degree to invest in your future somehow? If you continually compound those positive efforts, you would probably be left with a lot more. Also, sowing seeds that have eternal value, treating people honest and fair, and number one having a relationship with God. Those things are investments now and into the future. We are ever moving into the future, continually changing, and one day, like it or not, we all will see the end. Make it the best it can be now, for now, and for investing in the future.


Sometimes the reason we struggle is how we look at things. We think oh, I got to do that Today instead of ok; I see I got to handle a situation and 12 others Today. I’m going to plan it, make sure I get about it, and knock it out. Those people your around in 15 or 20 years they may not remember or care, but you take those experiences with you make them great. Does it matter if the time is gone? What did it matter? It matters because of the good you felt and the things that may have lasted but at the very least you made good use of your time.

In large part, happiness is reconstructing how you think about things, even people. How you interact with people, treat people, and how you feel about everything. I’m learning to disassociate my feelings from the right action. Sometimes that hard, but if you think logically and act accordingly, you sometimes will get better results than if you do otherwise. Let me give you an example lets say you have to be around family that doesn’t like you and talks about you behind your back. Number one, they don’t have to like you. If you can set aside your emotions, know what you know about them, and do the right thing to them, you don’t have to carry that. Do what’s right without the emotions and be logical.

Sometimes when things are going wrong, you know you’re getting closer to something big. You’re getting more to work with. Some of you may say, I don’t want more to work with, I want things to work.

Well, diamonds are made with pressure, and sometimes we are not going to grow through certain situations without pain. Here is the thing, sometimes, we don’t get to choose the problems we face, but we get to choose how we deal with them.

One of the things you can choose is to ask yourself, am I thinking about this right, and can I come at this from a better angle?

Logically think through what you need to do next. Make a plan with action steps and get started right away.

I try to make sure I put this part, that if you need to get something done right now, do it now. Write it down and get it taking care of.

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